Friday, 29 December 2017

Binge Eating

What is Binge eating? And how to control it?

Binge eating occurs due to many reasons. One main reason is due to stress. Stress over unfinished tasks, expectations from others or from one’s own self, ailment/diseases, lifestyle stress (over working, lethargy, eating in odd hours,etc). This makes a person feel like taking it out and the best way is food.

Binge eating can also be an early start for depression and intense negativity. Lack of control on one’s own mind and senses also leads to binge eating.

Whatever the reason may be, binge eating is best avoided. But how? As I said in my earlier article, Silence the mind, if that doesn’t work then use substitutes.  Or give up on someone’s name… if you are firm believer of God, give up on God’s name, or take any other name…

Let’s take an example to understand this. If your mind races towards binging between meals, don’t deny yourself. Use substitutes. Tell yourself, ok, let me binge between meals, but only RAW food or fruits. Or nuts (not peanuts in huge quantities).

If your mind does not cooperate punish the mind. Tell yourself, fine, binge but no movies in the weekend, or no restaurant outings or whatever you like to do in your free time. Or do a task that you do not like to do…for example cleaning the garage which you have been postponing.

Let’s understand the vagaries of the mind and how it works. The mind keeps on looking for temptations all the time. The more we indulge in it, the more the mind gets hooked to temptations. When the mind is allowed to freely roam around and keep doing what it pleases, our intellect will go for a slowdown. Finally, our intellect will be taken over the mind and that will start a lot of unnecessary distractions…leading to obesity, unhealthy habits, etc.

So this is just not about eating, this is more than that. This is about disciplining the mind to become a better, powerful personality. The world likes powerful personalities. And that personality can be YOU…

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