Monday, 1 January 2018

Anger: A Positive or Negative

Is Anger justified? Is it right to be angry? Is there anything known as Positive Anger? If yes, then what is it?

Is anger an expression of our feeling, our ego being hurt, non tolerance towards others' bad behaviour? Is anger due to our own exaggerated expectations from others? Health experts warn that this kind of anger that can cause blood pressure and other health issues. But can this be called positive anger? If not, then what can be positive anger?

Is it justified to be positively angry? On ills of society? On spreading false claims on social media? On section of society who hold powerful posts like the media blatantly lie in public? On people who spread rumours, lies and hatred? On people who politicize and create a mess of hard work that goes into social movements for genuine causes?

Positive Anger shapes the society, creates a robust, free minded society that questions, not blindly accepts, that creates a more holistic environment for everyone to feel safe and wanted.

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